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Why the need for a Shannon CFRAMS?

The Shannon River Basin District (RBD) includes a number of areas that have experienced flooding in the past, including the Shannon Callows area where significant flooding occurs every year.

We need to understand the current and future flood risk in different parts of the RBD and develop a long-term plan to address this risk in the future, taking account of the effects of climate change and possible future development in the region. To help us plan locally, the study area is divided up into Units of Management (UoM).

The Shannon CFRAMS is the first of seven RBD studies being carried out across the Republic of Ireland, three of which have part of the RBD within Northern Ireland. The delivery of the CFRAMS nationally will meet the requirements of the 2007 EU Floods Directive. OPW have been tasked with ensuring Ireland meets the requirements of the Directive.

The objectives of the Shannon CFRAMS are to:

  • Produce detailed flood mapping that identifies and maps out the existing and potential future flood risk within the Shannon RBD
  • Build up the information base we need to make informed and effective decisions in relation to managing flood risk
  • Identify measures and options for managing flood risks, both in local high-risk areas and across the whole study area
  • Prepare a Flood Risk Management Plan for each Unit of Management that sets out how OPW, local authorities and stakeholders should work together to create sustainable and cost-effective ways of dealing with flood risk now and into the future.